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Thinking of Starting a Smoothie Business in Nigeria? Here are 5 Things you’ll need

This article aims at giving you some useful hands-on tips on how you can start a profitable smoothie business in Nigeria.

Are you thinking of having an amazing and healthy breakfast on-the-go? You know that people love diversity and varieties, they want more than one or two fruits taken once without thinking of squeezing, cutting and trimming. You understand that people want to lose weight and still indulge in what they love? Then smoothies and Smoothie business can serve those purposes very well.

Smoothies can also be very beneficial to health. Making money from that understanding is great as most people now prefer to snack on fruits than junks to stay safe and fit in recent times ,and this makes the smoothie business in Nigeria a profitable one

The smoothie business in Nigeria offers a good deal of opportunity to entrepreneurs because they help boost the nutrient level of the consumers and make money doing that. If you have always wanted to start a nutrition-based business, consider starting a smoothie business from scratch.

Here are 5 steps you’ll need to start a profitable and healthy Smoothie Business.

1. Read up all you can on Smoothies

Know what a Smoothie is. Learn how smoothies are made, the ingredients used, all types of combination of vegetables and fruits used, and all that’s not. Flavors and also sweeteners. The internet will provide you with great information on this subject.

Learn from the best. Get a professional to teach and train you on how to make a good and healthy Smoothie.

Smoothe is not just the art of combining different types of fruits and vegetables, it’s not just blending roots and wings, it’s about blending related and healthy fruits and vegetables to suit customers need.

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Watch how smoothies are made in the video below

2. Get Basic Equipment for your Smoothie Business

Every business has its own unique equipment. A smoothie business is not different. The following basic equipment are needed for a healthy Smoothie business:

~ Cutting Boards

As basic as it might sound, a set of quality cutting boards or a wide clean table made for the purpose of the business is needed. Cutting boards made from hard materials and not marble so that it can be easily washed and cleaned. They’re also good for chopping and last longer than plastic boards. A plastic cutting board isn’t totally bad too as they’re less expensive and would readily perform the work a hardwood would do. You can buy here 

~ Knives

You’ll have to invest in quality and sharp knives. Good kitchen knives are essential pieces of equipment for a Smoothie Business. They’re used to chop fruits and vegetables into bits before dropping into the blender or juicer.

Having sharp, reliable knives in your Smoothie shop is just as important as it is in the professional kitchen. Avoid dull knives as they are unsafe and also slow down your productivity regardless of what is being cut. When you invest in sharp and good knives, you are investing in years of safe and reliable cutting power. You also buy here

~ Blenders

A blender is an essential tool in the Smoothe business. Investing in a good blender saves you so much stress. It’s used for blending the fruits together. If you need to buy one, click here

~ Juice maker

Just as the blender is very important, the Juice maker is also important for your Smoothie business. You can buy one here

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~ Refrigerator

A Smoothie business might not thrive without a cooling facility. A refrigerator is used to store and also to make your product intact and cool. Click here to buy one

~ Storage bottles/Serving cups with straw

Your Smoothie won’t be served on a plate, so you’ll need to package it into a storage bottle preferably plastic bottles or serving cups with straw as most of your customers depending would like to take it immediately it’s made. It all depends on the customer’s choice.

3. Choose a High-Traffic Location

It’s advisable to look for a busy and high traffic location for your Smoothie business if you want to make faster sales.

If you’re starting small, consider running your juice and smoothie business from a kiosk with an open window. You can also liaise with a fitness Centre as they may be interested in having your business within their premises and also add it to the numerous offers in their facilities. Since most people now consider Smoothie as part of weight loss plan; Gyms and Sports Facilities might readily key into it to up their game too. You benefit and they have more clients also.

Whichever location you choose, remember that customers enjoy watching their smoothies and juice concoctions being made so consider installing open counters or viewing windows.

4. Advertise! Advertise!! Advertise!!!

A business thrives more when it’s been properly advertised. You need to let people know that you have commenced your smoothies business.

You will need to effectively utilise the internet to advertise your business. You can begin to write the various variances of smoothies, as well as through any of the social media platforms.

You may also consider printing fliers and brochures for this purpose. Colorful fliers, beautiful brochures listing the vegetables and fruits you’re combining to make your Smoothie. Don’t stop talking about it everywhere and every day. Let it be registered on people’s minds.

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5. Get the necessary licenses, approval, and registration

Even though people open food businesses around without being certified and licensed, a good food handler should know that the right thing to do is to be properly licensed.

If you are operating a smoothie business in Nigeria, make sure you are cleared and properly licensed by the relevant agencies and health department. National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) are responsible for food business regulations and also monitor drug use and sales.

Do well to get them involved as soon as possible in your business. Make sure that you meet the requirements by asking to know the things that must be put in place before one is certified.

Also, make sure your surroundings are clean and facilities well taken care of.

Be registered with the Ministry of Environment by going to the nearest Local Government Area Office close to you as their officials can come visiting anytime. Make sure your surroundings are safe.

In addition, Register Your Business. You need to get your smoothie business in Nigeria registered. It might not be done immediately you start but it’s a good way to show that you’re serious with the business. This will also help deal with corporate organizations. You never can tell the type of deal that can emerge when you deal with organizations. It may be to cater for the drinks of invitees at an annual meeting, a town hall meeting and what have you.

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