The 5 Ways To Gain Confidence

Growing up, we are surrounded by people who are pessimistic, closed-minded and reflect their own insecurities and limited-beliefs on us. They have gained their limited belief system from their parents, and their parents have gained it from their parents. The trace continues way back.

In these 5 steps, I will give you my advice on how to gain confidence and take back your power.

1. Cut Toxic People

They can be anyone from families, friends, or a relationship. Remember that having a positive vibe means you also attract bad people. Why? Because they seek healing from positive people. Even bugs are attracted to lights. Toxic people have the ability to drain our energy and make us feel bad about ourselves when we shouldn’t. They can never see past their flaws. It’s impossible for them to realize their own toxicity. If you are a toxic person yourself and admits the flaw, with the determination to change yourself for the better, then that’s a big, huge step for you.

Congratulation on that.

When you begin to cut toxic people out of your life, you will see how your life unfolds around you.

Your confidence improves and you have escaped the mental imprisonment, that you suffered from.

It’s okay to say no. Do not say yes to please other people. Please yourself. When you say no, you gain your power back. Your own health and mentality need to be your first priority. Don’t fall for toxic people’s trap or you will continue to fall in the same circle of hell they put you through. Say no and cut the contact. Block them everywhere and never decide to go back to them. There are 4 Billions of people in the world so you will meet plenty of people who can treat you with love and respect that you deserve. The toxic people can’t offer you that, because they have so much hate in themselves.

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2. Smile

What’s the first thing people notice? The smile. We get easily attracted to a smile. I would say it’s the most powerful trait a person can have. A smile shows your openness, generosity, sincerity, and strength. Smile, even when things don’t go right. It’s the most attractive thing a person has. Our smile makes our inner and outer presence more appealing and beautiful.

Smile has the power to relieve stress and boost our emotions during the day. It also has the power to affect other people. You will notice how their behavior changes. They will begin to smile back to you and that’s where you have planted a positive seed in their presence.

It doesn’t cost a dime to smile.

3. Make A List

Make a list of what? Make a list of everything you like about yourself. It can be on paper or mentally. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. It could be that you are a good friend to someone or how you are good at making other people laugh. We are so good to criticize ourselves, because of how other people have influenced us badly.

I challenge you to go to your mirror right now and mention 1 good thing you like about yourself. Don’t go away from the mirror before you have mentioned one thing. It can either be physical or some amazing traits, that you have in you. It’s rough at first when you have never talked good to yourself before, but it will get easier with time.

The day you begin to tell yourself the things you love about yourself, is the day when you will improve self-worth and self-esteem.

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Another technique is affirmations. Now, what are affirmations? Affirmations are so powerful for changing your mood. Affirmation is when you fill your inside world with so much positivity, while everything around you seems hopeless. You basically have an inner conversation with yourself, where you compliment everything about you. You say things to yourself like:

“I am beautiful and loving”
“I love myself for who I am”
“I have faith in me.”
“I love my smile”

Start saying wonderful things about yourself and see how it improves your self-esteem and mood. Words have the power to change people.

4. Stop Listening To Other People’s Opinion On You

You are trapped in mental imprisonment if you let other people’s opinion of you define who you are. No one knows yourself more than you do. It is alright to listen to constructive criticism that helps you improve, but ignore the rest who tells you how to live your life and belittle you for the decision you take in your life. It’s your life, not theirs. It’s up to you as your journey in life is your journey, not other people’s journey.

You gain confidence and power back when you stop listening to other peoples opinion on you. These people will lose their power over you once you have proved them wrong.

It is your life. You will figure things out on your own. No one will be able to do that.

5. Face Your Fears

We happen to be scared and insecure about doing things that scare us the most, so we choose to stay in our own comfort zone. The truth is we won’t continue evolving as human beings if we are stuck in the same comfortable spot for the rest of our lives. Life becomes so much fun and exciting when we choose to take a different path that holds a challenge for us in the upcoming road.

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During those times we have to ask ourselves: What is the worst thing that can happen to us if we face our fears? Some would say it’s the fear of rejection and failure, but why does it matter? Why should you let 1 or 100 failures and rejection stop you from doing something new? Why do you let failures and rejection have so much power over you? YOU should have power over failures and rejections. They are your lessons for staying consistent and faithful in the things you want to do.

We evolve as humans when we choose to take the path that has a challenge for us.

Yes, these new challenges give us thrilling emotions such as being scared and excited at the same time. Stay in the position where you feel scared of doing something new because you will learn to be in control of yourself and the new environment.

These are the 5 ways of gaining your confidence and have your power back. I can’t stress you enough of how these steps have a positive effect on me. I hope they are very helpful to you, as they can help you with having faith in yourself when everyone around you didn’t have faith in you.

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