Meet Rianat Opeyemi, CEO of Shoepaholics

Sanni Rianat Opeyemi is a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University. She studied botany she has a great passion in media and entertainment. She currently works as a media executive in a real estate company and owns her business called Shoepaholic  And online retail outlet for different kind of Shoes for male and female

2. Tell us about your business

It was borne out of my passion for shoes and also the reason for the name Shoepaholicks(an obsession for shoe shopping)

3. What inspired you into starting your business

Same reason as I stated earlier. Initially, I wanted to go into lingerie business but it was difficult to get the stuff I am really interested in selling in Nigeria. Also, I thought importing them would be too stressful considering the nature of my job. So one day, I stumbled on someone who happens to sell shoes in bulk and also love the fact that I don’t have to go round the market looking for different designs and all so I launched into it immediately.

4. What are the challenges you face and how do you tackle them

I have a huge challenge with sizes. My supplier sells in cartons and her goods come in different designs and sizes(what you see is what you get).

Then, it was difficult for me to tell a customer I want to go to the market to buy new stuff. The possibility of not coming back with their size was very high. Remember I said my shoe business is a side hustle too?

There was no way I could stock up all the designs and sizes even if I have the money to buy them because I don’t have a shop yet. I only sell online. This made me result to dropshipping.

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Dropshipping is a way of making money without necessarily having money for the business.
I have just one supplier that I trust. She gives me the wholesale prices of the shoes and I only add a token to it(sometimes as low as N500-1500, I believe I have anything to lose). When my customer pays, I send her the money and she dispatches to the customer. This has its downside too but I have been able to manage my customers well. I just make sure I get their sizes and preferences correctly before going ahead with the transaction.

You can do this for other businesses too. Just find a wholesaler you can trust.

5. Do you think everyone should be an entrepreneur?

No. I always say this. We all don’t have the guts for it and we all can’t be in the corporate environment either.
I’ve heard some people leave their 9-5 for entrepreneurship. Trust me, its not easy. If you still have a stable source of income, please retain it till you find your balance else your business will suffer.

And to those who leave their 9-5 because they are tired of answering Yes-Sir to a boss. Na you go tire oo. Entrepreneurship will humble you. You will call your daughter’s mate ma’am and use the phrase “thank you” when it’s not even necessary.

6. What is your biggest fear concerning your business

My biggest fear is dumping my business and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. What I have in mind needs a lot of capital so for now, I am still on a lowkey. That’s more reason I went into dropshipping.
This has helped me understand the market and people’s interests.

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7. Where do you see your business five years from now?

I will like to have a partnership with big brands. I see a lot of knock-offs on the market and surprisingly, people buy them. There are people who would never be caught red-handed wearing them, they are my dream target audience. I want anyone who sees my brand to know me for original products only. I want to start ordering directly from the brands we all love.

In 10 years’ time, I will have my own designs.

8. What do you think the government can do to help business owners in Nigeria?

I don’t believe the government can help anyone. They are only interested in their pocket and stomach infrastructure. To survive in Nigeria, you have to help yourself.

9. Can you recommend any book for entrepreneurs?

Marketing 101 by Donald Trump. I used to have a boss who forced us to read at least one book per month. The few chapters I read in that book helped me a great deal.

10. How can people patronize you?

I am on Facebook, Instagram, and twitter as @Shoepaholicks. All you have to do is go through my page, make a comment or send me a DM.

You can also call on 08086929348. Thank you

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