How To Convince People To Patronize You

Dear entrepreneur, it is with joy and concern that I write this to you. Joy- knowing that you will read and apply these tips to your business to boost your sales. I share your concerns as well, opening your store every day with hopes that patronage will be better than yesterday. Of course, this is why every business was established- to make sales, to create value-added products and services, and to make profits.

Just as the population of the world daily increases, businesses like yours are also on the rise. This means, your potential clients have more options to choose from every day. So how do you convince them to ignore other competitors and focus on you? How do you earn their trust to keep them coming back to you despite your competitors shoving products in their faces?

Provide clear details about your products and services

 This is vital especially when you are doing online promotion. Supply quality information about the benefits of your products and the price. Do not… I repeat –  do not put up that ‘DM for price’ stunt on social media. It is a huge turnoff and it gives your potential customers a skeptical perceptive of you. Many thoughts begin to run through their mind and they become hesitant to patronize you. They just want to know the price, pay for it and move on to other things instead of engaging in lengthy conversations and haggling over the price in your inbox.

The price of your products shouldn’t be a sacred mystery that we have to cross seven seas to unravel. Some customers are not that patient and this is why you should put this into consideration before you put your goods on public display. Be straight forward and specific, do not promise more than what your product has to offer and this will help build a great relationship between you and your customers.

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Make them feel special

In the 2018 Bollywood movie-Hotel Mumbai, I learned a vital lesson from the head chef and this is something every business owner must imbibe as well- ‘guest is god’ but in your case, ‘customer is god’. This means you should treat your client with the utmost care. You must be friendly in your sales approach, exchange pleasantries with a smile. Sometimes you might be having a bad day or maybe someone got you angry and you are in a sour mood. Do not let this be evident in your tone of speaking and on your face when you are relating with a client. As a business owner, you must learn to contain your emotion by mastering emotional intelligence to prevent a transfer of aggression. You do not want to lose client, do you?

Provide quality services

Nothing discourages customers more than discovering that you offer substandard products and services. They will switch to the next competitor who has something better within the twinkle of an eye.

Do not just be concerned about making sales alone, ensure that what you are offering to the market is unique and your customers will patronize you no matter the price.

Most people prefer quality over quantity and this is where you should come in and take a position. When you are able to achieve this, referrals come easy and you will spend less on advertising because when customers buy quality products, they don’t keep it themselves. They effortlessly talk about it to everyone around them and that means more sales for you.

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Provide discounts/bonuses

This is one of the smoothest ways to attract people. Like bees to honey, they will find you. Customers love bonuses or anything extra to compensate them for patronage, I love them too! No matter how little the discount is, it makes your clients happy that you are putting them into consideration and they will reciprocate by buying more even when the discount period elapses. If you cannot try the discount method, you can incorporate a thank-you gift for every purchase ranging from chocolates, pen, sweets, and any other thing that you consider appropriate. With this method in place, the chances of experiencing low sales are very low.

Be accessible

While social media remains another means to reach your customers and communicate, you should also provide an alternative means where your customers can reach you when you go offline such as phone number and contact address. It will be a disheartening situation when you finally come online and see tons of unread messages about customers placing others about your products but there was no means to reach you. Trust me; you do not want that to happen. Some clients just want to call you to hear you reassuring voice before entrusting you with their money.

Finally, advertise what you do through any means available. Put your business in the spotlight and let your potential customers know you. Convincing people to buy from you requires trust and can be somewhat draining but you can scale this hurdle by putting these tips to good use and saving yourself a whole lot of stress and discouragement. Above all, keep a positive mindset and this will reflect in your business. Keep selling!

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