Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi:

Entrepreneur of The Week: Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi, CEO, ThreeFold Resources Enterprise

Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi is the founder of ThreeFold Resources Enterprise. She is a serial entrepreneur. I am a graduate of Zoology from Bowen University, Iwo. In this Interview with Nigeria SME, she takes us into her business world

Nigeria SME: Tell us about your business?

Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi: ThreeFold Resources Enterprise is a one-man business that seeks to provide her customers with a wide range of services that include hygienically processed catfish, editing and proofreading of blog post, articles and books, translating from English to Yorùbá and transcribing audio notes to text.

Nigeria SME: What inspired you into starting your business?

Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi: Passion for growth inspired me to start. I love to see things grow and that made me venture into catfish farming.

Nigeria SME: What are the challenges you face and how do you tackle them?

Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi: Competition is one business challenge that is not very peculiar to my line of business but it is a challenge all the same.

Convincing a customer to purchase my executive skills and product as against the regular one they buy from the open market is another challenge.

One way I tackle these challenges is upping my game and maintaining valuable qualities to attract customers.

Nigeria SME: Do you think everyone should be an entrepreneur?

Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi: No, I don’t think everyone should be an entrepreneur. My reason would be that not everyone has the tenacity it takes to take some certain risks entrepreneurship entails.

Nigeria SME: What is your biggest fear concerning your business?

Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi: Having to compromise on my values to make a great gain.

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Nigeria SME: Where do you see your business five years from now?

Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi: I see a conglomerate. I see ThreeFold Resources Enterprise going into other arms of agricultural practices and food business.

Nigeria SME: What do you think the government can do to help business owners in Nigeria?

Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi: The government should make funds available as grants and no-interest loans. The government should also provide us with enabling the environment to trade and promote #BuyNaija.

Nigeria SME: Can you recommend any book for entrepreneurs?

Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi: There are many books entrepreneurs should read. Some are:
1. Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill
2. Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
3. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham

Nigeria SME: How can people patronize you?

Aigbekaen Oluwafunmbi:

1. Buy my packed catfish
2. Let me edit their books and posts
3. Let me translate their books and articles


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