Afcon 2019

AFCON 2019: How Your Business Can Gain from the Tournament

The 32nd edition of the Total 2019 African Cup of Nations, afcon 2019 has kicked off in Egypt. The attention of millions of people in Africa and the world at large is drawn to the biennial football festival for a whole month – June 21, 2019, to July 19, 2019

Already, participating countries have started locking horns against one another. The small teams are upsetting the bigger teams, pulling surprises.

Most African players see their value rise astronomically during the fiesta, hence most football clubs try to buy new players or tie existing players to new contracts before the new European season begins. However, not only are the players growing their brand during the AFCON, several companies are leveraging on the competition’s huge viewership and interest to grow and sustain their brands.

Typically, during any major football tournament, businesses that are smart enough, leverage the tournament to promote their products or services and they always have increased sales. Major brands spend millions of Dollars on promotions during these tournaments. But small business owners like you can jump on the football fever to promote your brand without spending a dime. Here, you will learn how to do that.

Use Social Media More:

During the tournament, social media is guaranteed to buzz with trends and discussions that centered around matches played, especially Twitter. As a business owner, you can follow the major matches and post content that relates to the trending discussion.

If you are posting on Twitter, make sure you use trending hashtags in your post, this will make it visible to people who are not following you. When your post has garnered some retweets, you can do another post on the tweet to tell people about what you do. This technique has proven to be an effective way of growth-hacking on Twitter.

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Do Predict and Win Game

If you are looking for an effective way of gaining more followers during this AFCON 2019 season, then do predict and win give away games.

Few hours to the start of a match, you can ask your followers to predict the result with the eventual winner winning something. It can be as little as 500 recharge card. In the post, ask your followers to retweet or tag their friends in the comment section of the post. This technique works like magic. Through this, more people will get to know about your business, follow you and you can subsequently convert them to customers.

Leverage on Major Brands Promotions

If you have a retail shop that sells products of major brands that are sponsoring the AFCON 2019, you can brand your shop with promotional materials created by these major brands. Brands like Coca-Cola, Guinness, MTN, Glo and all always have huge promotional materials during this period, and they usually give their retailers these branding materials for free. These materials will attract more customers to your shop

Do Digital Marketing:

If there is any best time to leverage digital marketing for your business, then it’s now. Search engines will be busy with a lot of queries this period because people would be making inquiries about the tournament. As a business owner, you can spend some money to really push your brand to the people that need your services through digital marketing. You can take your business online with a website and promote your brands through Pay Per Click.

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If you would love to know more about digital marketing and how to use it for your business, contact Afriverve Digital, they help small business owners with digital marketing and website design and they are very affordable

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