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5 Businesses to do during the Yuletide Season

The yuletide season is a ‘spending’ season. We throw parties, exchange gifts and attend hangouts and events. Consumers are in a frenzy to buy all they need to make the festive season a memorable one for family and friends. You name it, shoes, bag, food, and gift items are all over the place, waiting for the rightful owners to pay for them.

This festive season is a ‘money-making’ season for entrepreneurs or business owners who have strategies to increase their streams of income. There is a long list of viable businesses that you can do during the yuletide season but I have narrowed it down to five.

So, here are five businesses that you can venture into during this ‘spending season’ and be guaranteed of increased patronage.


One of the key attributes of festive periods is food! Every household will be in an unconscious competition with neighbors to prepare varying delicacies. Hence, we need to BUY foodstuff to cook and eat, there are no two ways about it. There is no yuletide season without appetizing meals and thirst-quenching drinks.

Foodstuffs like rice (for jollof, fried and plain) and yam (for pounded yam) are heavily consumed during this season. Ingredients such as green peas, cabbage, sweet corn, carrots, curry & thyme, maggi, cooking oil, onions, green beans, etc. are always in high demand. If you want to cash out big this forthcoming yuletide season, you should give this business a shot.

When we eat, we drink as well. The consumption of beverages skyrockets during the yuletide season and this is why you should consider investing in ‘drinks’ business. Fruit juice, wine, bottled water, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are the common beverages we consume. Hence, we need to buy it from you.

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The yuletide season is a period of sharing! We exchange gifts to appreciate loved ones and spread love.

Customized Christmas cards, wines, chocolates, deodorants, sprays, and portable electronic appliances can be packaged in a gift hamper and presented to the recipient. Hampers vary in size; you can sell them in lite packages or premium, depending on your target market. You get to relieve your potential customers the stress of shopping for gift items. With so many gifts on the counter and the confusion of selecting the appropriate gifts, you can narrow your gift packages to suit the specific needs of your customers. They will be more than willing to pay for the gift and the time you saved.


Beef and poultry meat is the most consumed type of meat during the festive period. Frozen meat and poultry birds sell like “umbrella” during the rainy season.

You can choose to sell live chickens. All you need is a cage big enough to contain the chickens, poultry feed and sufficient water because you don’t want your chickens looking dehydrated and weak.

If you decide to choose frozen poultry meat, all you need is a deep freezer, constant electricity, and advertisement, then you are good to go!

If you don’t sell the meat, how will we buy it?

Cow offal is also in high demand for the preparation of pepper soup; this can be your alternative option if you consider frozen foods capital intensive.

Try this lucrative business this yuletide season and thank me later, with a chicken of course.

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During the festive period, there is a noticeable increase in the movement of people in and out of their various states. Hence, there is a demand for hitch-free and excellent transportation services to help people get to their destination in one piece. Most airline tickets are heavily booked during this period, Trains, and Buses which are in abundance may double their fare during this rush time and travelers have no option than to pay because they need to travel. So, if you have a good car/bus during that you are not using anytime soon, you might need to dust it and lease it for use to get extra cash this season.


Christmas cloth is a common song on the lips of every child as the yuletide season draws nigh. It is an unspoken rule that children must wear new clothes on Christmas and New Year. Some adults, including myself, are not spared of the ‘Christmas cloth’ habit. We need to look good on that day and show off our beautiful outfits to our friends. Parents are on the lookout for stylish and affordable wears for their children and this is why you should use the demand of ‘Christmas cloth’ to your advantage. Other accessories like shoes, wristwatches, and glasses can come as a side attraction to your business if you want to go all in.

Don’t just spend this festive season; make money as well.

Make your plan, invest your capital and the credit alerts won’t stop beeping.

Cheers to the money-making season!

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