10 Words to Avoid

10 Words to Avoid When Talking to a Customer

In this article, we have listed 10 words to avoid when talking to customers or a client in your day-to-day business dealings

Customers are an important part of your business and the success of your company is dependent on how you treat them. Effective and friendly customer service attracts more customers while hostility can cause a huge loss and leave your clients dissatisfied. There are words you must avoid when dealing with your customers and some of them are:

1. Problem:

when a customer lodges a complaint or gives an unpleasant feedback, do not rub the problem in their faces by announcing that is a huge problem! It scares your client and causes panic. Focus on the solution and ease the tension by using words like ‘slight challenge’ ‘small matter’ ‘minor issue’ and so on. This gives a sense of relief and makes your customer feel positive that a solution is underway.

2. Unfortunately:

 is a negative word with a predictable end. It heightens tension as it is an indication that the problem cannot be solved. This leaves the customer disappointed and makes you look incapable of handling the situation.

3. Keep your voice down:

 is a subtle way of throwing jabs at your clients by saying they are uncivilized and nobody likes to be told that, even if they are truly shouting. It can trigger the customer’s anger and escalate the situation beyond your control.  Maintain a polite tone with a smile no matter the level of aggressiveness evident in the tone of your customer.

3. But:

is a word that precedes a discouraging conclusion. It is a hope diminishing word that makes the heart sink and leaves your customer in despair. If you do not have an immediate solution to the challenge at hand, politely reschedule the call or session to a later time while you work things out.

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5. No:

this is a word nobody wants to hear. No customer wants to take no for an answer even if it seems like a pretty difficult situation. Every customer believes that there must always be a way out. You have been entrusted as their goods or service provider and they expect you to have all the answer they need even if you have to go out of your way to please them. There will be times when you have no choice than to say No to some requests but do it professionally with genuine reasons and not because you want to end the conversation and discharge the customer. Be empathetic in your response.

6. I’m not sure:

This is a Word to Avoid by all means because it indicates incapability. It makes the client to question your effectiveness. Why are you a customer service agent if you cannot provide useful information about your customer’s request?  Your customers begin to wonder if you are the right person for the job and this can have adverse effects on your ratings as a customer service representative. Take charge of the situation and speak confidently.

7. This is beyond me:

 speaks volume of exasperation and hasty conclusions. It shows that you do not want to make an attempt to solve the problem because you are skeptical that it might take a lengthy process and consume much of your time. Even if a customer makes gargantuan requests that is beyond your work ability, point them to alternative solution and give them options to choose from .

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8. That is the company’s policy:

this statement reeks of rigidity and inconsideration. It gives the client a feeling that the company does not care about them. Your organization may have strict procedures that guides its operations but do not enforce the words on your customers. Provide a flexible alternative that will not go against the company’s regulations yet leaves the customer satisfied.

9. What were you saying?:

No way! You did not just say that to a customer, did you? Your competitors will hear of your inappropriate behaviour and your name will also trend on twitter as well. It is a belittling utterance and you should never make this mistake. Do not under any circumstance utter such blasphemy when speaking to a customer else you might not anticipate the repercussion that follows. It does not matter if the customer has reeled out exhausting complaints that made you exasperated. Instead, kindly say ‘could you repeat your last statement please?’ if you missed out on some important points.

I am not at fault:

 This is another 10 Words to Avoid when addressing a customer. It may be true that you are not at fault, but the customer is not at fault either. As a matter of fact, the customers are always ‘right’ no matter what they do. Do not try to exonerate yourself by making the customer guess who is at fault or not. They just want you to fix the problem and not correct them so that they can get on with their lives.

Customers may be difficult to handle most times but it’s your duty to calm their nerves. You are the expert here and they trust you to provide solutions. Be patient with them, listen attentively and remain polite. Soft words can disarm an irate customer without conflicts. Try some breathing exercises to ease your tension. Make your clients happy and they will keep coming back to you. Viola! Everyone is happy. We hope you find these tips helpful.

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