10 Words Customers Love to Hear

Customers are probably the most difficult people to handle in business management, every customer has the notion “the customer is always right” at the back of their mind, but in all truth and fairness, are they always right? Well, that is a question that always becomes the problem between the customers and the business owners and how to circumvent this, is always an issue, but this can be done through effective communication. Like Stephen R. Covey said; ‘people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply’.

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What is effective communication?

Effective communication is a highly effective tool to retain customers in any organization as customers want to feel loved and appreciated for their patronage. You have the power to increase your clientele and maintain your existing customers with a friendly and endearing customer service system in place. These magic words will help your organization to keep your customers coming back to you:

I apologize for the inconvenience:

 the first thing your client wants to hear after lodging their complaints is for you to acknowledge that you are deeply concerned about what they are going through and you are not happy that it happened as well. It shows that even though you may not be responsible for the issue at hand, you are dedicated to fixing it. That gives your company a selfless image and it shows that you are concerned about the feelings of your client.

I understand your plight:

‘do you?’ your customer might fire back at you and you may be caught unawares. So, before you utter this statement, ensure that you have full details of the pending issue and a solution as well because the next order that you will hear from the upset client is ‘Fix it!’ Let your clients know that you can relate with what they are going through and they are not alone.

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I am here to help you:

is a statement of assurance that no matter what the problem is and the state your customer is in, you are here for them. It is soothing to know that you are dedicated to making the issues resolved as soon as possible.

Please stay on the line:

some issues cannot be resolved without running background checks in your database. Do not place your customers on hold without given them a heads up. If it is taking longer than you anticipated, apologize for the delay and reassure them that you are still on the line while working out the solutions. As soon as you discover the source of the issue and the way out, thank your customer for their patience and address the matter accordingly.

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You are right:

nobody wants to be criticized even when they are wrong. Sometimes, your customers might reach out to you to proffer solutions to the problems they caused. This doesn’t stop you from providing the situation. Do not point accusing fingers. Let them know that they are right for bringing the matter to your notice and trusting you to fix the problem.

I will fix this:

if your clients can fix their challenges, they would not bother calling you but they can’t. That is why you are the go-to person, the dependable entrepreneur or business owner who is the customer’s trusted option for solution. As a business owner, you must be solution oriented. So, when you are confronted with a customer’s complaint, you only have two options; fix it or fix it!

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I will get back to you on this:

 if you do not have the solution or answers to your customers request due to a lack of information or maybe you ran out of ideas, do not discharge your customer just like that! Saying ‘I don’t know’ is not an option as it can create a dent on your company’s image and you lose the trust of your clients. Your customers believe in your ability to meet their needs, do not discourage them by giving negative answers. Instead, request for more time and dig out the solutions as fast as you can.

We are committed to your happiness:

your customer feels valued when they know you’ve got their back and their happiness is your priority. This is why they won’t stop patronizing you even when your competitors are trying to woo them over.

Thank you for letting us know:

‘Thank you’ is a phrase filled with love, happiness and gratitude. It gives your customers a heart-warming experience. You cannot go wrong when you appreciate your clients for their feedbacks and patronage as it strengthens your relationship with them. ‘Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you are grateful for what you have, the more likely you have more to be grateful for’ Zig Ziglar

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