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10 Ways to Make Money from Home

A few years ago, when the noise of the possibility of making money from home started renting the air, I paid little attention to it, as I often don’t see how possible it was.  To me, everyone must leave his or her comfort zone to earn, but that has since changed with what I have seen, and experienced recently.

Today, I can say it confidently that anyone can earn even from the corner of their rooms.  I have had my personal experience too and there is no better time to start preaching it than now.

Quickly here are 10 ways you can start earning from your home.

1. Writing Services:

 Writing can be so rewarding if passion meets skillfulness in the act. If you have a writing skill that people commend you for, I think this is one good money-making skill that can fetch you good money right there on your bed.

  Under a week, I have been paid close to N50,000 by 3 different people. One, for winning an essay write up. Two, for a translational Job from English to Yoruba on request by an investment firm and the third person was on request for small business Ideas tips.  I wrote all these in my sitting room, at my pace and convenience.

I have done many other writing works and today, it is no longer an hobby, but my home gig.

A friend does business proposal & business plan writing from his home with no office and recently confessed to having earned in 7 digits just under few months of taking it seriously. This can be you too. 

Spend your time wisely.  Write for free on social platforms to sustain readers attention gradually, and watch as some will start seeking your assistance in this regard.  There are many writing paying services like fiverr online.  You can try this too.

2. Digital Marketing:

Social media is now a beautiful tool to advertise and as such, the dire need for digital marketers keep rising. As a digital marketer, all you simply do is to create a social audience and use your platform or others to help promote people’s products (goods or services) and you earn a commission for this. This is what you could do from home.  You can help people promote their businesses, sell cars, lands, and more, by just spreading the business gospel in your house using the internet.

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3. Social Media Management:

This is another way of making money from home. You can help businesses, brands or popular individuals manage their online presence and be their voice online.  There are people who handle the social media accounts of musicians, politicians, and royal fathers and earn cool money monthly from these services right from their house.  They don’t do other job but this. 

4. Agency Services:

Like no 2 above, being an agent to a service provider can be so rewarding. Here, your job is to link the person offering the service to the one who needs it, that’s all. I have helped sold a piece of land of N600,000 by just telling people and I got 10% on the sales. Without doing anything serious but being a go-between. I also know of someone that signed a business agreement with a local furniture maker and direct buyers and get something rewarding from every referral. It is a harmless profitable business that you can do at your comfort zone.  Just get the right links.

5. Baby Care Giver :

I recently read a post online that revealed how one of the most paid services in UK is Crèche or Baby Care services.  The case in Nigeria is not far different.  While I was in Lagos, I have seen mothers coming to drop their 3-month-old babies to baby care homes just to go to their 8-5 daily work. If you find looking after babies an easy thing to do, and you live in an environment of working class folks, then turning your home to a care center wouldn’t be bad. So as you look after your own baby, someone also pays you nicely for watching over theirs. This could be expanded to a full-blown business that you could also hire nannies as you have more kids.

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6.Grocery stores:

Having a home mini supermarket is like a traditional lifestyle to empower many sit-at-home people in Nigeria.  You can see the Malams in Lagos who are gatemen in rich homes and still get lots of people coming to buy one or two things right there beside their bed. Many are doing great in this business that they send money down to their families up North and even marry more wives. You see? Smiles. 

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This is another way that many sit-at-home mothers have been helping themselves financially with history and time.  Once people know you sell a thing, the next is “Mama good morning oo, I need bread, milk and one sugar”.  Lol

7. Online tutor:

I once read about a lady whose main job is to teach women how to improve their cooking skills.  She has huge followers on her youtube pages and gets a lot of good feedback.

She records every new stuff she wants to cook and shares online.  She will be like ” Today, I’m teaching you people how to cook edikaekong soup and how to make nice semo”. You will be surprised at the no of women who attend her seminars and visit her blog sites. All these from the corner of her house.  You can become a successful online tutor too. Teach people how to bake cake, how to fix their spoiled bathroom plumbing stuffs. You will be shocked at how people take online teaching seriously.  You can create a WhatsApp group and add interested folks at a cost.

8. Farming:

One job you can do from home is farming. Yes, If you have good vacant land in your home, maybe it’s about time you turn it into money through farming. From your backyard, you can start a good poultry farm. One of my friend started his backyard rearing of chickens 3years ago, and today he lives comfortably on this.  His birds of under 10 are now in thousands. He also retails eggs from other farmers. Home Farming can be very profitable if you are interested.

9. Laundry service:

While I was a student at Ilorin, my landlady makes huge money from a funny laundry service with her washing machine.  It didn’t take me more than a day to know this.  People bring clothes from their homes. She helps wash, and sun dry and ask a guy to help iron at a cost.  This she does as her home as side hustle with her normal teaching job.  It’s a good way to earn at home.

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10. Printing & Online Registration Business:

Offering affordable home printing services can be a nice profitable venture, especially if you live in students environment. I have a classmate who helps with printing of my project years ago at give-away price with two printers.  In the open sitting room of her husband, she helps prints and receives her money at the spot. 

Added to that is online registration. No thanks to the internet that has taken virtually every business to the online realm now, hence almost all forms of applications are now done online. I remembered how many people I helped to register for NPower graduate empowerment scheme then at a cost.  This could be converted to a serious business, helping applicants apply for job and you hand over printouts to them as you collect your money.

And you know what? You will never go out of demands, because application forms are coming out everyday.  Today it is NNPC online recruitment, tomorrow it is Nigerian Army.  Many people still need helps to do this successfully. Stuff like uploading the right megapixel of picture and documents still give many people problem, so they give this service to someone to help with and pay for saving them the stress. That could be you.

You know what? Why sitting at home, you could still be making money..  Atleast, now you know how.

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