small chops business

How To Start A Small Chop Business

Small chops business, no doubt, is one of the fast-rising businesses in Nigeria springing up in every corner and this is due to the fact…

working from home

10 Ways to Make Money from Home

A few years ago, when the noise of the possibility of making money from home started renting the air, I paid little attention to it,…



5 Skills To Master As An Entrepreneur

There is no shortcut to entrepreneurship and you cannot risk running your business with levity. There are skill sets that you must develop and master…


10 Words Customers Love to Hear

Customers are probably the most difficult people to handle in business management, every customer has the notion “the customer is always right” at the back…


Meet Rianat Opeyemi, CEO of Shoepaholics

Sanni Rianat Opeyemi is a graduate of Olabisi Onabanjo University. She studied botany she has a great passion in media and entertainment. She currently works…


The 5 Ways To Gain Confidence

Growing up, we are surrounded by people who are pessimistic, closed-minded and reflect their own insecurities and limited-beliefs on us. They have gained their limited…

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